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George Chen : Electrical insulation ageing model based on space charge characteristics


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报告人:  George Chen




George Chen: IEEE Fellow and IET Fellow. He received his B.S. (1983) and M.S. (1986) in Electrical Engineering from Xi'an Jiaotong University and his Ph.D. (1990) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, UK. He joined the University of Southampton in 1990 as a postdoctoral researcher, became an academic staff member in 1997, was promoted to Reader in 2002, and became a Professor in 2012. He is now Professor of High Voltage Engineering (University of Southampton) and head of the Power Engineering Research Group. He is a member of the IEEE DEIS HVDC Cable Working Group and participated in the development of two IEEE standards on space charging and partial discharge measurements. He is also a member of the IEC TC 112 UK expert to develop the IEC standard on PEA measurements. Leading EPSRC and Industry funded research projects involving high voltage systems and electrical insulation, including developing HVDC cables for industrial partners. Direct supervision of 1 research fellow and 4 PhD students. Successfully supervised 30+ PhD students to completion of doctoral thesis.


Electrical engineering is facing the challenge of developing a mature approach in insulation design. Understanding charge trapping characteristics and linking charge dynamics with ageing are crucial as regards this objective. Polymeric insulation in power equipment experiences degradation and ageing under service conditions. The determination of remaining life plays a key part in the asset management. This requires an ageing indicator which can be used to monitor the status of the insulation. Our research demonstrates a simple model based on trap creation, together with a concept of critical trap density, can be used to describe the lifetime of the insulation.