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Gilbert Teyssèdre : Dielectrics in aerospace domain


报告地点腾讯会议Tencent Meeting

          会议ID: 715 398 646

报告人 Gilbert Teyssèdre




Gilbert Teyssèdre, born in 1966, received his Engineer degree in materials physics and graduated in solid state physics in 1989 at the INSA, Toulouse, France. Then he joined the Solid State Physics Lab in Toulouse and obtained the Ph.D. degree from Paul Sabatier University in 1993 for work on ferroelectric polymers. His research activities concern the development of luminescence techniques in insulating polymers with focus on chemical and physical structure, degradation phenomena, space charge and transport properties. He is currently Senior Researcher at CNRS. He has been head of the Solid Dielectrics and Reliability group at Laplace from 2004 to 2015. He has held numerous governmental and industrial research grants in the field of electrical insulation and has co-authored over 160 contributions to scientific journals and book chapters and 230 conference proceedings. He is member of the scientific committee of several conference series as CEIDP since 2016, ICD, ICEMPE, and JiCable. He is Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. Dielectr. Electr. Insul (2021-).


Next generations of aircrafts will probably involve a large step in embarked power, with the shift from 'more electrical aircraft' to hybrid or all-electric plane involving electrical propulsion. At the same time, specifications for on-board energy networks are extremely demanding related to aeronautic ambient conditions, ultimate mass reduction and safety issues. The stresses involved in on-board systems will be described along with existing technologies for on-board networks with possible evolution to DC network.